Powerplay Beta 4

Powerplay Beta 4 contains the following changes:

- Fix for shut down crash

- Network stability fix

- Fix error opening system map

- Bounty timers are proportional to the size of the bounty

- NPC Ships in a wing stop moving after the biggest ship is destroyed fixed

- fix for suicide-sideys making people wanted and add some extra logging in case more cases appear

- Show by Population "Min" slider is not having any effect - min value is no longer clamped and now systems below the min population are hidden

- Fixed off by 1 error in the defect popup

- Fixed undermined upkeep cost calculation

- Unable to recentre display using DK2 fixed

- Upping the rewards given on civil war scenarios

- When NPCs are given a "local bounty", there's a chance it'll be with the major faction rather than the minor faction

- Upped the interdiction chance on powerplay assassins and pirates to 60%

- Upped security ships chance to 40% (as they are not so much about interceptions)

- Stop gimbaled weapons being eager little beavers wiggling around when they've no target

- Do not draw motion lines when the location rendering is suppressed (such as in Powerplay screen)

- Fix some odd shield behaviour where it wouldn't change its "is broken" flag in supercruise

- Powerplay details screen fixes

- Missions now using correct Hitman profile

- Capital ships now engage hostile AI ships or the player if the player has chosen a hostile faction

- Changed hand-in contracts to Cargo Required so they check you have the cargo

- Mining mission template fixes - Improved tests in Smuggle delivery (Slaves are no longer food)

- Added graphic for Imperial Courier on the contacts panel

- Control details page now displays base upkeep instead of current upkeep

- Wing UI now shows shields when the wingship is in Supercruise or Hyperspace

- Audio: Add bubble expand audio events for power play galaxy view to the tree different modes

- Audio: Make sure we only send ship voice events about drones attaching to ships if the drone is our own or the drone is clamping to our ship

- Audio: Only send through "Under Attack" and temperature warning ship voice events through to player cockpit and suppress all others if they are in the Galactic Network screen

- Audoo: Fixed power play details audio when transitioning back from galaxy map

- Diamondback is now the Diamondback Scout

- Fixed holes in loading screen model and shipyard model - Diamondback

- Preparation value cannot be seen due to system name being too long fixed

- Added schematics for Diamondback ship

- Fixed holes in loading screen model and shipyard model - Empire_courier

- Stop Powerplay screens being available in tutorials

- Fix overlapping icon/rating on outfitting ship loadout item UI

- Translations for missions added (French, German, Russian)

- Mission text fixes

- UI text fixes


Server Changes:


- Always award powerplay vouchers when destroying NPC trade ships, regardless of any difference in combat skills

- Some neutral systems are now excluded from powerplay

- Fix clearing save games

- Grant more powerplay vouchers when destroying powerplay NPCs outside of a conflict zone


There is a change to the bounty system in this build:


Another new change is coming to the Powerplay beta to how the bounties system works. The length of time bounties are active will scale according to the level of the bounty. So at the bottom end – an assault charge, for example – you would receive a bounty, but the time it remains active will be quite low, say 15 minutes. For more serious crimes the time will increase according to the value of the bounty, so at 1,000 credits it’s a day and up to a cap of seven days for bounties of 7,000 credits or higher. The active time will increase if you commit further crimes, so committing numerous assault crimes will increase the bounty value and the time that it is active. We think this will provide better proportionality for crimes that are committed