Elite Dangerous for Xbox One News

It’s an exciting time to be an Xbox One Commander as our cargo holds are brimming with Elite Dangerous Xbox One news. 

As you may have read earlier today we have our next major game update just around the corner. When this update goes live we have a number of additional changes coming for Xbox One. There will also be an additional Xbox One update happening in the coming weeks, which will contain some fixes and will also bring Paint Jobs and Game Extras to Xbox One Commanders.


By the next major 1.6 update Xbox One Commanders will be able to enjoy the following:

• Three new languages - bringing French, German and Russian text to Elite Dangerous on Xbox One.

• Private groups - Create and join Private Groups in Elite Dangerous on Xbox One. Using your Xbox One Gamertag you will be able to create a private group for up to 1,000 fellow Commanders. You’ll need to be following each other in order to gain access to that players group. 

• Customisable controls – Every button, including the context sensitive mapping can be changed. This long awaited feature will allow you to truly customise your own playing experience.

• Game Extras - Paint Jobs, Paint Job packs and other game extras such as Bobbleheads are coming to Commanders on Xbox One. Whether you’re an explorer, part of a pirate faction or a committed trade enthusiast, a large selection of colours, patterns and themes has you covered. Make sure to check out the details below for how the store will work! 


We’ve also got some exciting news to announce for Xbox One Commanders in the very near future, so keep a look out for the newsletter and on our social media channels for the latest information.


How Game Extras on Xbox One Will Work

As an Elite Dangerous player on Xbox One, you will be able to purchase Frontier Points on your Xbox One console and through the Xbox Store on your internet browser. It’s important to note that this isn’t a new currency we’re implementing anywhere else, and it can only be spent on game extras in our Frontier Xbox One store. 

With Frontier Points, Xbox One players will have access to the Elite Dangerous Frontier Store content exactly as it stands now for PC players, and all future additions to the store can be included at exactly the same time for Xbox One players, too. Using Frontier Points allows us to maintain parity across all of our products and platforms.

A quick example might help you understand Frontier Points: if Gary purchases 1000 Frontier Points at £9.99, he can then immediately spend those points on paint jobs and other game extras. He buys four paint jobs at 250 points each. 

We have some more exciting announcements that we’re looking forward to sharing with you. Keep your eyes peeled for more news and updates soon.