Galactic Academy

Greetings Commanders! 


So the day has finally arrived. The Pilots Federation have loaned you your first ship and you're eager to jump into your new Sidewinder and blaze your own trail. But with 400 Billion Star Systems it can sometimes be a little daunting to know where to get started. 

The Galactic Academy is a tool for all new and inexperienced Commanders to get help and support, making sure that everyone can enjoy the amazing adventures awaiting you in Elite Dangerous. 

Check out the various tools and resources at your disposal to get you flying with the Elite.



The Elite Dangerous Community are incredible. Not only are there fantastic groups of players to wing up with and create epic stories together, but we’ve also got experienced Commanders on hand to help support new players into the game. 

Head on over to our official Discord to talk to a mentor or helpful member if you would like any support or advice. 


Pilot Training

Sometimes having someone talk you through the controls is a great way to learn yourself. Check out our extensive list of training videos on a host of topics below! 


Basic Flight Controls





Basic Combat


Starport Services


Galaxy and System Map





There's so much to do in Elite Dangerous that it's tricky to be an expert in everything. But these player created guides will make sure that detailed and expert knowledge, for any given occasion, are just a click away. Take a look at the topics below and click to go through to the guide. 


Official quick start guide  

The Popular Guide to Exploration 

The Popular Guide to Powerplay 

The Galaxy Map



Get support

Finally, don't forget that we have a dedicated support team which you can contact by raising a ticket on our support site and you can get in touch with us and our incredible community on our Facebook page, Twitter, Reddit, and forums.

Fly Safe Commanders!