The Guardians 2.2.03 Update and beta

The Guardians 2.2.03 Update and beta

Greetings Commanders,

Throughout the development of 2.2 and the 2.2 beta, we found the feedback that you gave us absolutely invaluable. The discussion around balancing and feature improvements, both in the office and on our forums, has brought some interesting and positive things in to focus. For that reason we’ve decided to keep the thrusters burning and release an important point update that will have a big impact on some of the core mechanics in Elite Dangerous: Horizons. With the 2.2.03 update we want to continue the positivity that the 2.2 update and balance changes brought to Elite Dangerous, while giving Powerplay some love at the same time.

Beta starts tomorrow! (7th December)

Because it’s such a special update that contains some fundamental gameplay changes, it’s important that things are thoroughly tested and tweaked until they’re just right. For the first time ever we’re running a point update beta that starts on December 7th and will remain open until the update is released after Christmas in the new year.

The beta will be available to all those with previous Elite Dangerous beta access.

The update will focus on three main things, and we’ll be looking for feedback on each topic:
- Powerplay adjustments: Changes to how AI react to players in Powerplay, and discussing potential mechanical improvement. More information on this here:

- Engineer Changes: Balancing tweaks to promote greater variety in recipe use and smooth over a few problems, focussed on combat related blueprints for this pass. More information on this here:

- Combat Balancing: Changes to existing weapons to enable greater choice in how players can effectively choose and outfit their ships for combat.

As usual we’ll have a beta forum, and bug reporting channels open for any feedback or suggestions you may have. Thanks again for helping us to make Elite Dangerous the best possible game it can be. Good luck Commanders.