COMMS CHATTER (27/05/16)

Comms Chatter. It’s here, and it’s happenin’!

Kempston Productions presents... interviews, news, and more in the world of Elite Dangerous and its community!

Bear H is doing chat show-style interviews to do with the Dangerous Games. They’re cleverly called ‘Bear Grills…’ The first one is with the AEDC.


And the latest interview is with the Border Coalition and can be seen here.

The Paladin Consortium is expanding... The group's founder, Big Pappa, says "The definition of a Paladin is 'defender of a cause.' Our group was founded on the principle of helping others, and I believe that truly defines the character of each and every Paladin. Now it's time for us to properly embrace that role."


/r/EliteDangerous held an AMA with David Braben this week, have a read through by clicking here!



Arubeto on our forums shared an awesome before and after shot from 2.0 to 2.1 with graphics changes on planet surfaces.


Gorgonaut on imgur posted this collage of images titled “Lava Planet”.

Elite Dangerous - Lava Planet

CMDR Sennhei on /r/EliteDangerous had a close call after his computer took on a mind of its own!

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GalCo posted this recruitment video, aptly named ‘GalCop Archive Reel No. 0034’