COMMS CHATTER (24/03/2016)

Hello Commanders, here’s this week’s edition of Comms Chatter!


Reddit user gee_man74 shows the world his “82 year-old Chinese father in law getting lost in a resource extraction site via Oculus DK2"!

Commander Admiral Smoker posted a few photos of his exploration trip in glorious 4k resolution.

The color of exploration

Ddesilva on imgur needed a little more control of their ship! Check out this quick gallery of what they made! Granted, we’re unsure at how pleased or displeased Logitech is with this DIY foot controller!

Turned Old USB Keyboard into Foot Pedals - My feet have ascended PCMR

Commander Bad Koala shared this brilliant gif of how it looks from outside when your ship is suffering from a spot of heat damage.