COMMS CHATTER (16/03/2016)

Hello commanders,

It’s Comms Chatter time! Here’s some of the best community content from the week.


 /u/btomhat on the Elite Dangerous subreddit shared this short gallery of some neat images that he took while exploring... some of the visual effects he added in, are quite... different.

Elite Dangerous Screenshots


As always, our commanders that use Steam have posted some rather impressive images to the Elite Dangerous gallery! Alchimie Pylme posted a screenshot from our own solar system!



CMDR Sapporo on our official forums posted a couple time lapses. Just shows that everything in Elite Dangerous is actively moving about! 


FreedomDude posted this interesting high-contrast image of an asteroid field and his ship! 



Thepher posted to the Elite Explorers subreddit, a time-lapse... with an interesting sound track. Check it out!