COMMS CHATTER (08/03/2016)

Hello commanders, we are three months into 3302, and it’s a Tuesday of all days! That means it’s Comms Chatter day!



"The SPHERE of POWER" is what Commander Jackie McMackie coined this radically huge screenshot from one of his exploration trips. He was even kind enough to share the high quality version... that’s 125MB!


Commander Alex the Grape on YouTube shared with us his reasoning on why you’re probably using Flight Assist incorrectly.



One of the community management team, Edward Lewis has been making his way towards the center of our galaxy – Sagittarius A*. As a commemoration of him reaching Sag A, one of our staff members whipped up this glorious art... We call it, the Ed-splorer Extraordinaire! 



Pomerlaw on our forums took this amazing picture of a star "sitting" on a ring to a planet.


Currently, Commander JRODDIE is regretting his recent ship purchase... he complained about paying this much money for a ship, only to get exposed cables! The community thinks that he should have got a ship from Gutamaya instead!



And finally, congratulations to LAVE Radio on their 100th episode! Have a listen now, with special guests, including David Braben!