COMMS CHATTER (01/03/2016)

Hello Commanders, without further delay... its comms chatter! Check out the happenings throughout the community from this past week.



Over on the Steam Community Hub for Elite Dangerous, Commander Molek322 was kind enough to host a community contest. Check out the top five nominations and the winner here.



CMDR Admiral Smoker shown to us why he keeps exploring the galaxy...



CMDR GIF on YouTube uploaded this rather impressive ship size comparison video.



CMDR NoOneImportant decided to take up the task of painting for the first time... starting with a ship from Elite Dangerous.



CMDR TheRealPhyzz rendered some ships of Elite..........and a banana!? Have yourself a look at this rather sleek and cool to look at images!

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(Admit it, you passed by all the ships to see the Banana!)



Karuv from the /r/EliteDangerous Discord shared to us this rather interesting “Whooooosh!” effect he saw with his ship.

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And Finally, we have Kehvun on imgur sharing his album o’ screenshots of his trip through the milky way galaxy.

Elite Dangerous: Exploration Trip 1