COMMS CHATTER (23/02/2016)

Greetings commanders, once more – it’s Tuesday and that means.... comms chatter day! Here’s your weekly treatment of what has been ongoing in the Elite Dangerous community.


CMDR Dr. Kaii from the Distant Worlds expedition posted this 50... if not more! Hyperspace jumps from a super massive black hole.


Introducing Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantess of Wolf 406 Transport & Co.

At long last, though her name has been mentioned curtly in snippets of unofficial communications, our Lady of the Alliance has been at work helping to bring prosperity and freedom to as many systems as possible.  I am proud to finally present, Victoria Wolf VI, First Merchantess of Wolf 406 Transport & Co. 


CMDR Bubble and CMDR Mike Jenner will be racing across the Galaxy in a Race to the centre of the Milky Way, Sagittarius A*, and back again! 

Starting at 12:00 GMT on Saturday 27th February the Pair of Commanders will be raising money for Special Effects' GameBlast Weekend and will be joined by Special Guests through the journey. You can watch the journey live on their Twitch Channels ( and and Donate to the Charity Fundraiser at:


Sprechen im Deutsche, Kommandant? Check out these tutorial videos from ShamosArt on YouTube.


And finally, who can resist a glamour shot! RoninDeNiro on the Elite Dangerous subreddit posted this whopper of a shot! Did we mention it was taken in 8K?!