Community Spotlight: The Diamond Frogs


Rax Minerva from the Diamond Frogs joins us for this week's community spotlight, talking about lily pads (?), wet work and capers. 


The Diamond Frogs are new on the scene, what do you guys get up to?

The Diamond Frogs have actually been around since just before launch! We've had a few name changes, but are now permanently Diamond Frogs. As to our activities, first and foremost we're Mercenaries. Services we provide include assassination, bounty hunting, influencing internal system politics and providing security during community goals.  No challenge is too great, so long as you have the payment.


How did the Frogs first start out? Tell us a little bit about your group’s history?

We were originally freedom fighters for the once great Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance, working to liberate our people from the corrupt Autocracy of Jotunheim. Our actions against the Autocracy and the institution of Slavery - both Imperial and Illegal - brought us to the attention of Princess Aisling Duval. She contracted us and others of a like mind to abolish slavery within the Empire. Unfortunately Duval's actions sparked Zemina Torval's ire, resulting in the Empire taking hostile actions against our people and forcing us into exile.

Now we're based in the lawless fringes of the Capricorni sector, selling our expertise as a private military force to whomever can meet our price regardless of their ideology or allegiance.


What is it about Elite Dangerous that keeps you coming back? 

In all honesty, the potential. A lot of our members are veterans of other games that have allowed for large community groups to engage in massive multiplayer experiences and unique play-styles. Elite is essentially an ever growing sandbox with an amazing development team behind it, which adds onto the fun. but what catches our attention is how the sand and tools we're given allow us to build castles far greater than any one of of could have managed on their own.


What are your thoughts about the Elite Dangerous Community?

 The Community is great! So far, our experiences with the Community has been full of unique and interesting moments that you rarely find within other games. The Community really cares about the game and is always active and genuinely fun to play with and against.


What events or notable activities have the Frogs been involved in? 

The Diamond Frogs were part of Rise of the Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance and Aisling Duval's Campaign to abolish slavery, as part of which they led Aisling's Angels to prominence on the galactic stage.  Our influence has swayed the galactic play for power.

Since our exile we've notably provided humanitarian aid in numerous systems, and spearheaded an operation that now provides new members of the Pilot's Federation with higher classed starting ships. We've provided the independent scientists of Eravate an abundance of Unknown Artefacts, brought democracy to countless systems including Novas, provided security and military services for the Hutton Truckers in WISE 0855-0714, assisted the Paladin Consortium in their efforts to control LFT 37, and developed ground-breaking anti-piracy tactics in the follow-up security operation.  We have also provided security for the East India Company during their Halloween Onionhead festivities.

We are aided in our endeavours by Frogbear, the galaxy's most advanced automated-IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) expert system, who is also packed with handy navigational features.  As an added bonus she'll also talk to you, which helps keep our pilots sane out in the lonely reaches of space.  Frogbear is available for use by other groups if their infrastructure supports her.


What’s next for the Frogs?

We're in the business of gaining new clients and making the galaxy a whole lot more interesting. Be it for better or for worse, the Diamond Frogs will be there making a big splash against the churning tides of our everchanging galaxy. Rest assured, we're not resting on our lillies just yet. We're currently in the process of unveiling our biggest caper to date...


Anything you’d like to tell the community about?

Regardless whether you stand with us or against us, we're here to help improve the game and make it enjoyable for everyone. Be it with dedicated operations or just simple shenanigans, we're here to stay and impact everyone in memorable ways. We hope you guys come along for the ride, and if not, that's totally fine! Just remember, The Galaxy Calls for Wetwork, and Nobody Does Wet... Like a Frog!