COMMS CHATTER (16/02/2016)

Greetings Commanders, once more – it’s time for Comms Chatter! This week we have dreams, space, pixel art, and well... more space! Did we mention planets in there somewhere? Of course we did!!


Comander Uber Falcon, also known as tfaddy, on the Elite Dangerous subreddit shared a collage of pixel art Elite themed ships.

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With what tfaddy made, another commander from the Distant Worlds Expedition made an image of all of the commanders ships involved with the Distant Worlds Expedition event. It’s quite impressive!


Venker sent in this really neat drawling that he made of the Imperial Courier. For a moment, we were wondering how it was floating.

CMDR Farrethis posted a few images of why he loves to explore so much in the Galaxy! Why i love exploring in Elite: Dangerous