COMMS CHATTER (09/02/2016)

Greetings commanders here's your weekly Comms Chatter, covering some of the best community-created content from the last week.



Commander Araen of SSL Interstellar posted this really cool image of the Hungarian group's leader.



DJDeeJay231 on the EliteDangerous subreddit noticed something about his commanders feet... Toe shoes ARE the shoes of the future!



CMDR Sparneejuah shared to the world about his birthday and did a little math for it. He went to Eodgold RY-I B23-14 - which is nearly  18000ly away from Earth. This means that light emitted by this star 17980 years before I was born, is just now reaching Earth.



Users on our forums continue to impress us by posting these flat out amazing screenshots from Elite. This week, Faramir, Sensai25 and Araen posted the following images.



Elite Dangerous Exploration - Sensai25






Commander NotOnlyHere shared this Need for Speed styled video!



Who's hot and has a thumb? This star. CMDR Reerlund was out and about exploring, and found this!



And last but not least, Olivka on youtube came across something.... that exploded into millions of pieces!