COMMS CHATTER (03/02/2016)

Hello Commanders, it is the second of February, 3302. Here's your weekly comms chatter!



"It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others." as posted by Commander grnbrg from the Distant Worlds expedition. This commander could very well be on to something.



Sometimes our AI has a bone to pick with another AI. User Venomtail on the EliteDangerous subreddit found and posted this...



The Prismatic Imperium shared to us a stellar video of their player group and minor faction. Fight in honor!




In 2382 Castor Darvil's family was raised to a minor house within the Empire for military service leading to the peace treaty that ended the war between the federation and empire. Though the House of Darvil was of little importance and held next to no power, it did open doors, allowing Castor access to loans and resources that would otherwise have been denied. By taking small loans from Houses of greater wealth Castor managed to establish a small mining operation which he passed on to his sons and grandsons; however, with some failed investments and low profits over several generations by the year 3278 AD a young Spassky inherited a little more than deepening debts. After years passed and his luck failed to turn, using what little resources he could muster, Spassky sent a few pilots to the edges of colonized space to in the hope of finding any previously untapped resources.

Help the Dukes of Mikunn blaze their trail in the Galaxy!




It's like imgur... but for Steam. Check out these awesome screenshots posted by commanders over at SteamCommunity. Some of them are flat out stunning!