Elite Dangerous at PAX South 2016

We're setting up the booth right now at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio Texas, and we'll be exhibiting on the busy show floor from January 29 to January 31. For those who aren't able to make it, we'll be broadcasting a little bit of that show floor atmosphere back to you at home, with a complete streaming schedule coming from both our official account and our amazing community streamers.

Make sure you tune in at any point during the streams to find out how you can claim your free, exclusive PAX South paint job, or visit our booth on the show floor to pick it up in person. The event promises to be a community-focused affair with ambassadors, players, and streamers joining us on the showfloor. We're hoping to be streaming at shows like this and including the community more often, so you can get involved at home, and hear about big announcements when we have them at future shows. 

If you don't manage to catch any of the streams, the link to pick up your free paint job will be posted online.

The streaming schedule is as follows (times listed in CST):



10:00 - Official Elite Dangerous Account Opener

11:00 - DeejayKnight

12:00 - iamSp00n

13:00 - Crass Kitty

14:00 - Butters Gaming

15:00 - Mr Boombati

16:00 - BlueDrake42 



10:00 - Official Elite Dangerous Account Opener

11:00 - Bad News Baron

12:00 - BlueJay712

13:00 - Angerbeard

14:00 - Dejavu Darkmist

15:00 - Wishfuiiy

16:00 - BlueDrake42