COMMS CHATTER (19/01/2016)

Greetings Commanders, it's the 19th of Jan, 3302. Barnacles, explosions, and shiny objects appear to be all the craze!


Commander Bliss sent us this (bigger-than 4K resolution) while searching for barnacles in Merope


CMDR Eayrn from the EIC group sent us this stunning image.



CMDR KI7KO on the /r/EliteDangerous subreddit posted a 48 missile salvo... it sure is oddly satisfying to watch.


Not to be outdone by CMDR KI7KO's 48 salvo, CMDR Rathour posted a 69 missile salvo!



CMDR Hyperious had some interesting ship shenanigans with his recall command, and tried to make his way down a mountainside safe and sound in his SRV.