COMMS CHATTER (12/01/2016)

Case red, I repeat this is a Case red... oh hey, welcome to this weeks comms chatter! Check out what's happening in the community with this week's comms chatter!

Check out this awesome video by RadLock Recursion featuring... the fuel rats!

The People's Media is the Voice of the Prismatic Imperium... a news organisation led by Kevin Massey as one of the three pillars of the Prismatic Imperium. Check out their website at

Cruising thru' space, all is well in the world and... *boop*! CMDR vsTerminus dropped out.... a little too close!


GalNet news has returned on YouTube for 3302! Check out their most recent feature of the Distant Worlds Expedition.

Continuing on from above, Distant Worlds Expedition begins this week! Check out their large discussion on our forums here!