Community Goals Update: 17 December 2015

Greeting commanders,

Welcome to this week's Community Goals blog.



Professor Ishmael Palin, the scientist leading research into the Unknown Artefacts, has announced plans to establish a new research outpost on Maia B1BA in the Maia system.

"I am not alone in observing that starports where UAs are sold in large numbers rapidly develop severe technical issues. I have therefore decided to establish a research base away from the civilian population, where my team and I can analyse the artefacts without endangering others."


Palin also said he would be appealing for help in setting up the new outpost:

"The most efficient way of establishing the outpost will be to use prefabricated components, which is why we’re asking for people to bring evacuation shelters to us here in Dahan. We’re also asking for combat pilots to clear the spaceways in Dahan, to ensure those delivering evacuation shelters to Nelson Works can do so safely."


It seems that the Professor is not alone in seeking the help to meet his needs.


The Hel Purple Energy Industry, an organisation based in the Hel system, is issuing a special appeal for Crystalline Spheres – a commodity currently available only at Snow Moon in the Bento system to commemorate the approaching winter solstice. A spokesperson for the Hel Purple Energy Industry issued a brief statement:

"It might be an antiquated festival, but we believe the winter solstice is a great opportunity to unwind and spend some quality time with friends and family. We aim be gift the Crystalline Spheres to needy families throughout the system."


Hel Purple Energy Industry has also asked for combat pilots to protect the traders delivering the rare Crystalline Spheres to the Hel system.

"Our highest priority is ensuring the safety of the pilots contributing to this initiative,” said the organisation’s spokesperson, “so we will reward all those who hand in bounty vouchers at Jones Orbital".


And to cap it all off, Eccentric billionaire Alfred Jeffress has announced a third treasure hunt, and once again has promised to reward the winner with a share of his vast personal fortune as well as the deed to a Federal Corvette (*Insurance not included), fresh off the production lines at Core Dynamics. Pilots interested in participating are encouraged to keep a close eye on the Galnet network that Jeffress is using to distribute his clues.


The Billionaire had the following statement:

"I have always enjoyed giving gifts, especially at this time of year. I wish all the pilots that take part the best of luck and would like to wish them all a very Merry Chirstmas."




If you are looking for a goal this week, the breakdown below should help guide you:


The Great Expedition:

Dahan system, Nelson Works - Delivery of  Evacuation Shelters to support Professor Ishmael Palin’s expedition.


The Great Expedition Protection Agency:

Dahan system, Dahan Gateway - Hand in bounty vouchers at Dahan Gateway in the Dahan system.


A Snowglobes Chance:

Hel System, Jones Orbital - delivery of Crystaline Spheres to Jones Orbital.


Fight in Hel:

Hel System, Jones Orbital - Protect the traders and hand in bounty vouchers at Jones Orbital.


Billionaire’s Treasure Hunt:

Location Unknown - Solve the Billionaire’s Treasure hunt to win a share of his fortune and a Federal Corvette.


See you out in the black Commanders!