Horizons Beta-only Community Goal

Elite Dangerous: Horizons Beta-only Community Goal - STARTS 04/12/15

Keep an eye on GalNet for when the beta-only Community Goal goes live.

Greetings Commanders, 

LHS 3262 Solutions has reported the theft of a valuable experimental data core. The core, which has been in development for some time, has been described as being “of great importance” to LHS 3262 Solutions, and a generous reward has been offered for its safe return. The precise location of the thieves is not known and Security services in the LHS 3262 system, where LHS 3262 Solutions is based, have been unable to track the thieves, but they have determined that the criminals recently visited three systems: Eleu, Pijan and Baris.

LHS 3262 Solutions has stressed that the core must be recovered soon, before it degrades and becomes unusable and are offering a rich reward for the first pilot to return the item to their facility at Whitworth Park on Akan.

As an additional reward the pilot that returns with the data core will also be awarded a special code to obtain a new ship paint job of their choice.

Community Goal:

Find the Stolen Data Core - LHS 3262, Whitworth Park on Akan – search for clues to recover the stolen data core.

Happy Hunting Commanders!