COMMS CHATTER: New Players Edition (01/12/2015)

Greetings commanders new and old!


In this weeks comms chatter, we delve into the basics of Elite Dangerous. So with out further wait, let's begin!


So you're just getting started with the world of Elite Dangerous and you decided to instantly join open or solo... whoa there buddy, you're in for a world of hurt! Take an hour out of your time to watch, read, and learn some of the ways of Elite Dangerous!


Over on our official YouTube page, we have 12 down-to-the-basics of Elite Dangerous. From basic flight to Wings and basic combat, these videos should help you learn the ropes. You can watch them below, or you can click here to view the content directly on YouTube!



Once you've taken some time out to learn the ropes, our awesome community has a few fansites with troves of information.


One of our fansite operators, SpyTec who operates and manages the Official Elite Wiki has been busy updating articles over on Take some time out to learn what is what on the Wiki! A common page that is going to be of value for you newer players is the Pilot's Guide, you can read more by clicking here.


Next up, check out the Guides and Tutorials forum on our official community forums here: - This entire section is a goldmine of information!



Finally, one of our media partners on YouTube has this MASSIVE gauntlet of information. ObsidianAnt has videos ranging from History and lore, to Virtual Reality to Opinions and tutorials. We highly recommend for you to have a watch of his series on Epic History to Elite Dangerous!



As always, right on, commander.