Elite Dangerous Sale

Greetings Commanders,

The Elite Dangerous Black Friday Sale starts today (25/11/15) at 6PM GMT. The amazing deals below are just a few examples of the items going on sale – so make sure you visit our store and take advantage of these price reductions. The sale also features a physical copy of Elite Dangerous with a game code that makes the ideal Christmas gift for any potential new Commanders.

Black Ships for Black Friday: 29 free black paint jobs for all those that pre-order Horizons.

As part of our Black Friday sale we’re adding an Elite Dangerous: Horizons pre-order incentive. Every Commander who pre-orders Elite Dangerous: Horizons before Tuesday December 1 at 6PM GMT will get an in-game black paint job pack called Midnight. Don’t worry, all Commanders who have already pre-ordered Horizons, including those with the lifetime expansion pass, and those with Horizons beta access, will also be given the Midnight paint job pack.

With this pre-order offer you’ll get 29 black paint jobs in the pack – that’s one for each ship in the game! (excluding those in CQC).

This pre-order incentive will be withdrawn after 6PM GMT on Tuesday December 1 - so make sure you pre-order Elite Dangerous: Horizons now to get your free Midnight paint job pack. Those who take advantage of this deal will have the pack waiting for them in-game when Elite Dangerous: Horizons is released.


We’ve got some brand new merchandise and paint jobs available in store, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Our Black Friday Sale starts today and will end on Tuesday December 1 at 6PM GMT.

Some highlights in the sale include:

40% off selected paint jobs

Elite Dangerous Boxed Edition is £12.99 – 56% off – The ideal Xmas gift, Limited Edition... once gone there will be no restock on this item.

Elite Dangerous OST 3CD Digipack - £10 (33% off)

Elite Legacy – Hardback - £9.99 (33% off)

Elite Legacy – Paperback – £4.99 (38% off)

Plus others listed in-store!