Comms Chatter (21/10/2015)

In this week's Comms Chatter we're inviting you to FantastiCon, celebrating 50,000 subs to the Elite Dangerous subreddit, and teaching you all about piracy!

FantastiCon 2015 is coming to Hull again on October 24 and 25 at the Country Park Inn, right under the Hull side of the Humber Bridge. Elite Dangerous has a large presence at the science fiction, fantasy, technology, comics, gaming, books and cosplay festival, so if you live in the area, or you're up for the trip, make sure you don't miss out.

Edward Lewis, Zac Antonaci and Michael Brookes from Frontier Developments will be at the convention, so come and say hi if you're around. Mike will also be talking about his book, Elite Legacy, and might even have a copy or two to sign.

The Elite Dangerous subreddit recently held a competition after reaching 50,000 subscribers, now they've declared the winner for each category. That includes best video, real-life contribution, artwork and screenshot, you can see the winning entries here!

The joy of seeing... 400 BILLION STARSYSTEMS. CMDR FatHaggard on reddit found this YouTube gem!

/u/pocketmoon on reddit shared a little bit of explosive bounty hunting.

CMDR Salad on reddit shared their screenshot of flying over Leesti. Makes you wonder what’s on the horizons...

CMDR Chaos Wulf put together this Ultimate Piracy video on YouTube.