Meet the team: Dale Emasiri

It's Dale's first week, please welcome him to Frontier Developments!

Dale Emasiri
Social Media Community Manager

Welcome to the team, Dale. Are you excited to start working with the Elite Dangerous community?

Most definitely. My interactions with the community at large, through playing on my own personal account, has been pretty great. Except for that one time when that one person killed me. I wish I could remember the name, because I’m a bit better at the game than when I played some months ago... and I’d like a rematch. 1v1 me bro! ;) I’m also looking forward to meeting the community face-to-face in the future should I be at an event or trade show. This is the best part of Community Management, in my experience.

What will your role be on the team?

Although I will have some part in all aspects of the CM team’s activities, as we all do here, I will be mainly in charge of Social Media. This means that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all those funky places we have will be manned for the most part by yours truly. It means I’m on Facebook all day and no-one complains or questions it. Good deal, right? ;)

In a more serious note, it means that I’m the go-to guy within Frontier whenever it comes to Social Media. I’ll be building the profiles of our social networking presence, and trying to make the interactions/engagements with you (the community) more personal and a heck of a lot more meaningful. Hopefully we can all have a bit of fun with that!

What sort of experience do you bring to the job?

I’ve worked in the games industry for over five years in one form of ‘relations’ role or another. I started in the industry as a support representative but quickly realised that I was more interested in being part of the gaming community and creating a fun experience for those playing the games I’m working on. This led me squarely into a community role just over four years ago. I’ve been working community-related roles ever since, progressing to the role of Community Manager some years ago, and most recently for the last year and a half I’ve been working as the Social Media Manager at Wargaming Europe. My work over the years has involved so many games across different genres, and in various stages of its lifecycle – from new releases, to older titles with years of history within the community. I bring all of this to Frontier, alongside a beautiful mane of hair, which is sometimes shinier than Ed’s!

Federation, Empire, or Alliance and why?

Arissa Lavigny-Duval, because I wanted to be Empire. Initially I thought of pledging to Aisling, but she has no combat missions. I love me some combat – despite being pretty mediocre at it! – so I cruised over to Kamadhenu and signed on to a real faction. (Oh man, I’m going to get flaaaaaaaamed for that one.) Clearly it was the right choice, though, because Emperor... ggwp.

What excites/impresses you most about Elite Dangerous?

The scope. I remember the first time I was shown the Galaxy map and discovered I could scroll up, down, and pan around. It’s so impressively large, and also incredibly pretty. I love combat and this is definitely an excitement, but there’s something thrilling in mapping out a new system. It’s got something for any kind of pace I’m looking for, whether I’m relaxing or wanting to take down some pirates.

Tell the community a fun fact about yourself.

I have two passports, two legally recognised first names, and have travelled a fair bit. Totally not an international spy.