COMMS CHATTER (22/09/2015)

Greetings Commanders, with a never ending supply of community items to share - we've selected this weeks top five items that caught our attention. 


Sometimes the current tech of today is still great to use in the 33rd century. CMDR MackTheHunter has discovered this himself and shared it to reddit!


CMDR Jarfino Rodriguez shows up some CQC fun, with some groovy music to go along with it!


All Systems Panicing?!?!? Well, it is an Asp after-all... check out Commander Newlen's article on


And finally, Dave Hughes, the writer of the upcoming Elite Encounters RPG, raised an incredible £2,130 last week during his 24 hour livestream. Community Manager Edward Lewis joined him on the stream for an RPG session with senior artist Tjaart Kruger, and they both had a lot of fun. You can see Dave's Twitch page ( here, and watch highlights from the stream on the recent broadcasts page.