EGX - Everything you Need to Know

EGX is the biggest gaming exhibition in the UK and we’ve got more stuff going on then you could fit into a Type 9! The event starts on Thursday 24 September till Sunday 27 September and whether you are attending the show in Birmingham or you’re at home, you can still get involved. Here’s how… 

At the stand

At our stand we’re showing off CQC on both the Xbox One and PC. Our team of Ambassadors will take players on a guided tour of the fast-paced combat mode. We’re also demoing Elite Dangerous on the HTC Vive, at both the HTC stand and ours. 

The panel

On Friday 25 September at 4PM BST David Braben, Michael Brookes, Chris Gregory and Sandro Sammarco will be live on a panel at the Developer Theater. During the panel they will be talking about some of the new features coming to Elite Dangerous: Horizons. If you’re attending EGX make sure you don’t miss out on the exciting announcements and exclusive EGX giveaways. If you're not attending EGX you can watch the whole thing live on the Eurgogamer YouTube channel

Free Stuff

We’ve got loads of ways to get your hands on some cool Elite Dangerous merchandise and prizing. To begin with, every person that plays the game will be entered into a daily prize draw. Also, if you win your CQC group you will be entered into a winner’s draw where we will give away an Xbox One and a copy of the game every day. You can enter as many times as you like by queuing up to play again, so make sure you come to visit us plenty of times each day to give yourself the best chance of winning. 

You can also get an exclusive EGX paintjob, just turn up and ask one of the team for your code. 

We’re also not forgetting you guys at home. Over the four days we will be giving away 144 EGX paintjob codes for you to get your hands on. We will be giving away nine codes on the Elite Dangerous Twitter, Forum, Facebook and Subreddit every day that EGX us on. We’ll be dropping the codes at random times so make sure to keep checking back. 

Community Livestreaming

For the first time ever we’re opening up the show floor to our community streamers to broadcast live on their channels while the show is happening. Below is the list of streamers and channels already on the schedule. We have two streaming PCs set up so if you’re a streamer and attending and you would like to have a go, then get in touch. All times are in BST. 

Saturday 26 September

•11:00 – Kerrash Landing

•12:00 – Geekbyte

•13:00 – MaxUrsa

•14:00 – Obsidian Ant

•15:00 – One Vigor

•16:00 – Chaoswulff


Sunday 27 September

•11:00 – Kerrash Landing

•12:00 – HyperDruid

•13:00 – Max Ursa

•14:00 – Wishblend

•15:00 – One Vigor

So if you’re at the event, don’t forget to come and say hi, check out the panel and have a go at winning some cool prizes. If you’re at home keep, your eyes on all of our social channels, and the newsletter, to take part in the action.