Community Goals Update 18/09/15

Greeting Commanders,


Welcome to this week’s community goal blog.


This week Senator Denton Patreus' campaign continues with attacks against the Emperor's Dawn cells in Maausk and Dakshmandi ongoing. Of course you may have instead been backing the Emperor's Dawn by supplying them with Narcotics or Progenitor Cells. I wonder what use they have for those goods? The goal in Ch’i Lin continues over the weekend, offering high credit rewards for Basic Narcotics, it ends on Monday.


Elsewhere the bureaucrats from Cemiess have put out another call for exploration data, it seems that there are more Emperor's Dawn calls out there and without more data, they don’t stand a hope of finding them. There is a set number of Emperor’s Dawn cells out there and the community has real control over how those cells grows or shrinks based on the actions taken during community goals. The goal starts today and will run for a week.


Finally it's been over a month since the Pegasi Pirate War and the conflicts have taken their toll on the people of the Pegasi Sector. To help the people of the Pegasi Sector recover from the turmoil the war has created, officials have come up with a plan and announced a state-of-the-art resettlement facility and aid programs to start immediately. This plan will begin with aid efforts and making food, medicines and other essential items available to all those affected. Ocrinox's Orbiter in Munshin have sent messages to the Pilots Federation and Princess Aisling Duval asking for urgent delivery of medical supplies. You can get involved by helping those affected in the Pegasi Sector.


If you want to take part in a goal this week the breakdown below should help guide you:


Maausk – Maausk – Deliver Combat Bonds to the combat bond contact.

Dakshmandi – Hevelius Enterprise – Deliver Combat Bonds to the combat bond contact.

Ch’i Lin – Fallows Orbital – Deliver Basic Narcotics to the commodities market.

Cemiess – Mackenzie Relay – Deliver exploration data to Universal Cartographics here.

Munshin – Ocrinox's Orbiter – Deliver Medical Supplies


Safe flying!