COMMS CHATTER (15/09/2015)

Hello commanders, this weeks comms chatter, it is lively as ever! Complete with a time lapse and a powerplay analysis website!



Powerplay Herald is an up-to-date Powerplay cycle analysis website.  The following commanders on the Elite Dangerous subreddit all work in part to keep this fansite ticking, /u/madkimchi/, /u/CMDR_Corrigendum, /u/CMDRJohnCasey, /u/JemyM, /u/aspiringexpatriate, /u/MartinSchou, /u/Arkhanist, and /u/McFergus.

Three hours... crammed down to 15 seconds in this short time lapse. But think about that... that’s 400 billion stars, planets, and other objects in the game that are all doing this!


CMDR Radlock on YouTube shares a video covering the basics of Elite Dangerous.


Ever wondered about landing pad numbers and their sizes at stations and outposts? Check out this bit of media from CMDR Anarch157.