Comms Chatter (08/09/2015)

This week in Comms Chatter we have mugs, enchanting videos, and a Great Pretender.

Lolligerjoj put together this truly enchanting piece of art (yes, we're calling this one art) using Elite Dangerous footage. Put on some headphones, turn off the lights, and turn up the volume.

CMDR Hugh Man created a bit of a musical storm this week with his Fuel Rats parody of Hotel California, called Hotel Dalgarno. Hugh Man, under his musical moniker Elementz, also recorded a parody of Queen's the Great Pretender, which he renamed the Great Explorer. You can listen to both songs by clicking the link here, or clicking on the image of his logo below.

For some reason Hutton Orbital has been very busy this past week... so LumenLTE made a one hour timelapse video of the comings and goings at the suddenly popular station. Mug! 

The community team have been keeping a close eye on the Hutton Mug Community Goal, and the dedication that has been put in to completing it is as inspiring as it is impressive. You can learn more about the goal by visiting the group's website here, or clicking the image below.