Community Goals Update 04/09/15

Hi Commanders, 

A short blog this week as we are busy bees making sure the 1.4 beta is buzzing along nicely.

Last week the Empire put out a request, asking Commanders to sell exploration data at Mackenzie Relay in the Cemiess system. Nearly 2000 Commanders answered the call with over 500,000 system reports in record time, the goal ended early on Wednesday the 2nd. The Empire's finest bureaucrats are hard at work sifting through the data, but we are assured that they will find the locations of at least 5 Emperors Dawn cells.

Some Commanders wisely questioned the motives of the faction running the goal, why did they need all this data? Especially considering that much of it was collected from well outside of inhabited space. A good question indeed... 

This week we've seen a swarm of Commanders making their way to Hutton Orbital with cargo holds full of scrap in search of a new rare good. This sounds simple, but Hutton Orbital is a considerable trip from its closest star. If you're getting involved, make sure you're ready for the long journey!

If you are looking for the goal this week the breakdown below should help guide you:

Alpha Centauri – Hutton Orbital – Deliver Scrap to the commodities market.

We hear the Fuel Rats are on standby waiting for those unlucky Commanders who don't make the entire trip. 

That's all for this week, we will be back next week with new goals. 

Safe Flying (Don't forget to refuel!)

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