Community Spotlight: SpyTec

Community Spotlight: SpyTec

As an active contributor and admin on the Elite Dangerous wiki, a moderator on the Elite Dangerous subreddit and a designer for /r/EliteRacers it’s a surprise that SpyTec manages to get any time to play the game. But this dedicated community member, always finds the time and energy to get involved.

You’re involved with a lot of different projects, why do you keep coming back to start even more?
Because it’s fun and you get to meet lots of wonderful and beautiful people! The Elite-related things I do does take up a lot of my free time, but I think it’s worth it given people enjoy what I do and it also helps increase my skills in certain aspects as well, vectorizing being one of them. (SpyTec also works on EDAssets, a site dedicated to making it easier for Elite Dangerous community content creators to access vector shapes and logos. A lot of people within the Elite Dangerous community are genuinely nice and incredibly generous!

What’s your favourite thing about Elite Dangerous?
If I’d want to be cheesy I’d say the community. But with the game, so far it’s the vastness of the galaxy. I’ve been to the galactic core once, and I plan to return there just to get my names on a few water worlds and earth-likes, and also to get Elite ranking in exploring!

Ever since I found out about Elite from Scott Manley I was fascinated. I saw Frontier’s Store and saw prices for Premium Beta, Lifetime Expansion Pass and Mercenary Edition/Standard Beta. But due to being fairly new to the game I chose the Mercenary Edition as I didn’t know if I’d like the game or not, and spoilers: I loved it! Furthermore I recently got the Lifetime Expansion Pass that is currently available as of writing this, so I plan on playing for years to come.

What takes up most of your time when developing community content?
If I know of something to write or expand upon on the wiki that will take most of my day as writing a detailed description isn’t an easy task given you need lots of references and make it as informative as possible.

But as of right now, the main Elite Dangerous subreddit takes up a lot of time. Discussing changes which will help the community overall, improving the style sheet and moderating any ill-behaved comments.

What would you say matters to you most with your Elite Dangerous activities?
It matters to me that the Elite Dangerous community enjoys the work I’ve put in, even if they don’t know who’s behind it. A lot of wiki articles improved or written by me have shown to be of great use to many people. Same goes for EDAssets with content creators and the main subreddit with my moderating.

What can we expect from you in future?
The Elite Racers will hopefully take part in some Horizons racing when it comes out. We will try to race through canyons if at all possible and also try to race in buggies, sorry I mean SRVs, which will bring some interesting racing aspects to the game. And last but not least with the racers, we will also continue on racing as we’ve always done, because we like to fly dangerous. As for the racers subreddit we might add tags at some point to make it easier for people to find certain topics, but that’s still a bit far off!

On top of that, the main Elite Dangerous subreddit might get some changes to come, such as a secret easter egg who a particular someone will be trolled by, but as a whole we will continue to grow and help out the community as best we can and improve the subreddit as best we can to suit the majority of visitors!

We have something very special planned when reaching 50,000 subscribers on the subreddit that we think people will enjoy immensely.

Fellow veterans or experienced players should contribute to the wiki with their knowledge. There are tonnes of articles out there already that need to be updated, fixed or be written about, so search for a topic you’re experienced in and get editing! People will be grateful, even if they won’t say it to you directly.