Community Goals Update 20/08/15

Hello Commanders,

Welcome to a brand new weekly blog in which we will shine some light on recently completed and upcoming community goals.

After the excitement of saving the galaxy from the terrible Cerberus plague we gave the community a little time to relax this week with a single, simple trading goal in the Apalar system. The Apalar Labour minor faction put forward a plan to transform their Industrial economy into a thriving High Tech Hub. Over 1,500 Commanders came to their aid, providing thousands of tonnes of polymers, semiconductors and superconductors. The community made short work of the task, completing it on Sunday the 16th. As reward for their efforts Apalar Labour announced a 30% discount on all technology commodities for a two week period. This discount began on the 18th and will run until early September.

The Apalar goal was interesting as we decided to provide special rewards for the top 5 commanders. This isn’t something we plan to do for every community goal, most of the time the normal top X% structure works well. Occasionally however, it is interesting to add some extra competition into the mix.

Without further ado the top 5 Commanders were: 


CMDR Vinnyph


CMDR Leo Sagan


CMDR Drorelith


CMDR DeathMagnet


CMDR Alexbrentnall

This week we are back with a bang, with three interesting and difficult goals, all linked by a single faction, Emperor’s Dawn. These goals in the Dinkas, Kamcha and Jang Di systems all require players to provide different goods. One of them requires a supply of illegal Battle Weapons, another the rare Ceremonial Heike Tea. The final goal requires players to locate and supply Toxic Waste, which is both difficult to find and even more perilous to transport. Each of these three goals are twists on the normal trade goal and we are really excited to see the ingenious ways in which the community will meet these challenges.

If you are looking for the goals this week the breakdown below should help guide you:

Jang Di – Sikorsky Orbital – Deliver Ceremonial Heike Tea to the commodity market

Kamcha – Saarinen Station – Deliver Battle Weapons to the black market

Dinkas – Blaauw Port – Deliver Toxic Waste to the black market

That’s all for this week, we will be back next week with new goals.

Safe flying (try not to get scanned!)