Design a Paint Job Competition

Design a Paint Job Competition

We’re giving you the opportunity to have a paint job based on your designs featured in Elite Dangerous. You can choose any, or all, of the templates below. Whether you want to design a new sought-after paint job for the Anaconda, the popular Cobra or the versatile Vulture, or you may want to design a paint job for each one? It’s completely up to you.

Take the templates below, design your paint job using whatever software you please, and send a JPEG or PNG image to by 30/08/15. Please stick to three colours maximum and favour large, strong designs that will work well from a distance.

Within a week we’ll pick the winners who will receive the paint job they designed in-game (as will three friends of their choosing) as part of a future update. The winning paint jobs will then go on sale to the public at a date in the near-future (we will announce the date as soon as possible).

Use the following templates to complete your designs. (Click the images to download at full size - you can print off and scan in your completed designs if you wish, or edit with a piece of image editing software):






Important information and rules:

- Anyone that is selected will receive their paint job for free (as will three friends of the winner’s choosing)

- Stick to three colours maximum and favour strong bold colours that work from a distance

- Frontier Developments’ decision on the winner is final

- Entries must use the templates provided

- We reserve the right to tweak and make changes to the final design in order to make it work with the in-game models

- We have the right to disqualify any entries

- Avoid copyrighted materials or designs as they will be disqualified

- Frontier Developments remains in control of sales relating to the winning paint job

- The competition closes on 30/08/15  

- The paintjobs will only be available on Elite Dangerous for PC and Mac