Meet the team: Sam Warren

Sam Warren

Customer Service Manager

What does an average day at work look like for you? 

My average day starts at 7am with a trip to the gym, a love of food and lack of exercise doesn’t mix well!

When arriving at work I have a range of daily responsibilities starting with contacting customers directly to managing the support team, analysing our top support issues and resolving them with the development team and working to improve our support levels to every last player.

What aspect of the game have you worked on that you are most proud of?

Since joining in February, the support team and myself have done lots of things outside of the game to be proud of, including:

- Turn around response time problems with support tickets

- Improve our quality of service to help support your issues better (e.g. losing your ship)

- Introducing the customer satisfaction surveys

- Introducing bug reporting on the forums and separating the support issues from the bug reports

What's your favourite thing about Elite Dangerous?

The scope of exploration. CQC is pretty fun too, minus the fact that the team are far better than me.

What was the biggest challenge you came up against during game development?

Personally, my biggest challenge has been to build a bigger, stronger, effective support team that can stay on top of your issues, be vigilant on any new problems that crop up and ensuring our supportive development teams can provide you with the fixes you need.

Since joining, the support team now have 10 new members of staff. We record your problems and get fixes developed for them. We have eyes and ears on the forums, Reddit and social media to help ensure we can help out with any issue you have, every day of the week. 

What have you learned from working on Elite Dangerous?

Docking looks far easier than it is.

Tell the community a fun fact about yourself

Despite growing up with cats and being a cat person, I nowhave possibly the cutest shiba puppy that became internet famous for 48 hours.

If you could ask the community one question, what would it be?

“Have I answered your questions satisfactorily and offered good customer service?!” 


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