COMMS CHATTER (28/07/2015)

Greetings Commanders! It's a new week, and Comms Chatter is as active as ever!


It's always amazing when a commander finds something unique in Elite Dangerous and shares it with the world; it's even more stunning with a picture. Commander Issues666 found a planet less than one light second from its parent star!

DeviantArt user Kevin Massey made some amazing Elite Dangerous commander portraits. Check it out here.

Frontier Developer Mark Allen discusses the ins and outs of damage and defenses in Elite Dangerous. 
An Imperial Courier with its layout being debug rendered: blue spheres indicate external objects, yellow are internal - some modules have both an internal and external sphere. Note that all the directional thrusters used to be hittable objects and are shown in this overlay, but are currently turned off as they were causing confusion when a shot at the nose of the ship hit a thruster and damaged the engines unexpectedly.

In Stellar Remnants Episode 1, Jypson GTS has created a slow-paced, moody and atmospheric narrative. Show him some support in the comments if you want to see the next episode in the series.