The Weekly 10: Must-see fan-made videos

The Weekly 10: Must-see fan-made videos (in no particular order). 

Ten videos that caught our attention since the Elite Dangerous beta.

What videos would be in your list? Visit the forum to put together your top 10 community-made videos now.

1 – Titus Balls – Wonders of the Galaxy 9 

The latest entry in Titus Balls’ Wonders of the Galaxy series is especially beautiful, but every other episode (including the original made for the 30th anniversary of Elite) is worth your time.

2 – Isinona – Smuggler (Flight Assist Off Series)

We’ve loved all of the videos in the Flight Assist Off series, but the one that caught our attention was made way back during Beta 1.3. ‘Smuggler’ showed Isinona sneak into a starport with illegal goods on board. It was the video that caused various media outlets to compare him to Han Solo.

3 – Rangers of Florin - Ctrl+Alt+Space entry

Shortlisted by Frontier Developments, and voted as the final winner by the Elite Dangerous community, Rangers of Florin is a fantastic attempt at adding live-action drama to the Elite Dangerous galaxy.


4 – Other Places - Elite Dangerous

Another oldie, but brilliant none-the-less. Inspired by Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, this Other Places video showed the majesty of Elite Dangerous space during the Elite Dangerous Beta last year.


5 – Ralfidude - Target Destroyed

‘Michael Bay would be proud’ writes Ralfidude, in his video filled with nicely-timed explosions.


6 – TommyTTK - The FA turn-off

Tommy TTK creates beautiful scenic videos of the Elite Dangerous galaxy, but we wanted to showcase his tutorial videos that give you a deeper look at using flight assist off.

7 – Erimus One - Daedalus Wing Part 1

Erimus One was one of the first commanders to make the trip across to the other side of the galaxy. In Daedalus Wing Part 1 he teams up with a fellow pilot so he doesn’t have to explore space alone.

8 – A wintery Guy – Altair Race Day

The Elite Racers make use of starports like nobody else, and this video shows off their skills displayed at the Altair Race day. A cool use of voiceover on this one by A Wintery Guy.

9 – Giameister – The Search for the Titan Black Prototypes

During our Titan Black competition Giameister put together a timelapse of all the hours he spent searching. The final video you see was made from over 12 hours of footage.

10 – Anothermartz – Flight Assist Off

This wonderfully cinematic film was made using an Oculus Rift and some very clever editing techniques.