COMMS CHATTER (21/07/2015)

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome to this weeks Comms Chatter! Every week we pull together a selection of the best content curated by the Elite Dangerous community. This week we have some in-game community services from Fuel Rats. Reddit user Silver Foxx describes quite the story of a coffee run! Coffee was not the only thing on commander’s minds this past week… Commander Sagrell must have had bacon on their mind when they stopped off for a refuel.

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Fuel Rats

Ran out of fuel? Stranded with no signs of help nearby? Fuel Rats has you covered. Head over to their website at and let them know you need a rescue!



/u/Silver_Foxx new to Elite Dangerous, describing their coffee-run.

Silver Foxx may be new to Elite Dangerous, but they picked up quickly and hit the road running. Check out their story over on the Elite Dangerous subreddit here.



Commander Sagrell… has found paradise!

Silver Foxx was not alone, as CMDR Sagrell had food on their mind! We say it’s a potato coloured planet… however, his term of the “cookie dough planet” might win us over when paired with Bacon City.



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