Elite Dangerous Rare Goods Competition

Have your personalised Rare Good featured as a commodity in Elite Dangerous!

Have you got an idea for a Rare Good that you'd love to see in game? Now you've got the chance to flex your creative muscles and put a suggestion forward for community vote.

To have your Rare Good considered for our short-list, reply with the following information in the forum thread below:


  • The name of your suggested Rare Good
  • A short description of the Rare Good
  • The system and starport where the Rare Good is located. This shouldn't be somewhere that already has a Rare Good.
  • Means to create - this would be community goals or goals which have to be completed to create the Rare Good. For example, if your proposed Rare Good is "Ekhi Antibiotics", then your means to create could be to deliver 10,000 tonnes of Basic Medicines to Ekhi Science Orbital.

Submissions will close on Sunday 19th July, for the development team to create a shortlist of entries. From Tuesday 21st July, you'll be able to vote for your favourite Rare Good, and the winning entry will appear in the game as part of the next major release. The poll will close on Sunday 26th July. We will contact all entries chosen for the shortlist via the email address associated with your forum account and a forum PM.

A couple of housekeeping points/requests:

- Please bullet point your responses, it will make it easier for us to navigate through the entries.
- Objectionable or offensive content will disqualified.
- Once the shortlist and winners have been selected, Frontier's decision is final. Frontier reserves the right to disqualify or remove entrants from the competition.

Thanks everyone, and good luck! We're excited to see what great ideas you come up with!