The Weekly 10 - Amazing Elite Dangerous Screenshots

We’re starting our top 10 lists feature very simply, with a list of 10 amazing screenshots taken by the community over the last couple of weeks. Check out the 10 shots below and let us know what you think. Can you do a better job? Post your screenshots in the forum thread by clicking here.

What sort of content do you want to see in the Weekly 10? Click here to submit your ideas, whether that’s a list of 10 greatest moments in Elite history, 10 amazing star systems or 10 invincible loadouts. We’re looking forward to digging through your suggestions, but for now take a look at the amazing screens below.

We tried to gather a selection of colourful screenshots that were focused on beautiful scenery for this feature. We looked through all the screens posted on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Elite Dangerous fansites over the last few weeks, and whenever our breath was taken away we added the screen to our list.

1. MrSilk13642 on Reddit posted this mesmerising shot of 17 Draconis.

2. When we asked for impressive screenshots on Facebook, Jake Waffles (probably not his real name), gave us exactly what we were asking for and more with this shot of what he called a double Earth-like.

3. Not satisfied with being in our good-books just once, Jake Waffles posted another shot shortly after. This one was from the Horsehead Nebula.

4. Maybe we were just hungry at the time, but this screenshot made our mouths water. It could be that the poster’s name is Romulan Bacon, and he titled the snap ‘Potato Planet’.

5. Sewerman 45 went to the core, and brought back a fine collection of imagery, including this stunning screenshot below.

6. Phreedom1 chose a scenic place to settle down for the night in this screenshot he posted while promising ‘no Photoshop work at all’. 

7. Reddit user Issues420916 declared their undying love for the Fer-de-Lance.

8. Doc Roley managed to capture the light beautifully in this photo he submitted to the Elite Dangerous Steam Community.

9. Neil Dagless continued the FDL love demonstrated by Issues (see entry 7.) with a moody low-light shot of the FDL.

10. And last but not least, Onyx Stone posted this calming image of a class B star peering over a high-metal-content planet.

Thanks again for reading, and make sure you head to this thread to add your ideas for future Weekly 10s.