Brian Young

Brian Young
CMDR Name: CMDR FifthHorseman
Ambassador Duties: PAX East/E3 2015

– What’s your earliest memory/experience with the Elite franchise?

Elite Dangerous is actually the first iteration I've ever played.

– What ship set-up do you go with when playing the game?

Still experimenting as I move up the ranks, but a A-class Viper what I've spent most of my time with. Moved on to a Vulture since then.

– What’s your faction of choice? (If you have one)


– What’s your preferred method of play?

Combat specialist at heart, typically catching the scum of the galaxy for bounties or snatching bonds fighting for the Alliance. I try not to speak too casually in-game, but besides that, I'm myself.

– Do you have a favourite moment from Elite Dangerous so far? If so, tell us about it.

Can't think of a singular moment, but taking down groups of scum with CMDR Shrinkshooter (IRL brother) and admiring the vistas of the galaxy. Never ceases to amaze me.

– Why did you apply to become an ambassador?

Since the Freespace series (late 90s) I've had an affinity for space combat, and what Frontier has done with Dangerous has brought back that nostalgia. Since my discovery of Frontier and Elite, they have earned my respect not only for their work but for being one on the best dev teams I've witnessed. I chose to apply for the ambassador position because I support their vision, want to share it with others, and am very excited for the future of the game.

– What were your ambassador experience/s like? Any highlights?

Lots of interaction with numerous fans, lots of great food, and lots of fun! It was an outstanding experience that happened all too quick.  As for highlights, having never tried an Oculus before, it was pretty awesome feeling the sense of scale.