Newsletter #72

Greetings, Commander,

Welcome to Elite Dangerous Newsletter #72.

This week we're coming to you a day early to take the wraps off our third major content update. This announcement means a lot to us, so in this special newsletter our team will talk through the new features of Powerplay in their own words, and we'll reveal how you'll be able to make your own powerplay in the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

We're taking this announcement directly to you, the players. Whether you're on Reddit, Steam, Twitter, Facebook, one of the many international community sites or our own Frontier Forums, we hear you and we hope you're as excited by Powerplay as we are.

Powers will rise in May.

What Is Powerplay?

Powerplay is a new way to play Elite Dangerous.

In Powerplay, you can participate in an ongoing battle for interstellar conquest and control that enhances every aspect of the Elite Dangerous experience.

When Powerplay launches, you'll be able to ally yourself with any one of a number of galactic Powers, earning valuable perks, reputation bonuses and credits for your allegiance. 

As a trusted ally of your chosen Power, you will be able to guide their strategy, take on special objectives to advance your shared cause, and dominate human space. Your choices and actions will have a direct and visible impact on the balance of galactic power.

And of course, Powerplay is a FREE content update for all Elite Dangerous players and will be part of Elite Dangerous for Mac and Xbox One at launch.

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