Newsletter #71

Greetings, Commander,

Welcome to Elite Dangerous Newsletter #71.

This week, we're talking more about the Powerplay content update as we prepare for next week's reveal, launching a three-week film challenge and inviting you to join us in Cologne, Germany for Gamescom 2015.

And of course we're always eager to hear your feedback. You can hear directly from the development team on our Forums, Twitter, Facebook and right here in the newsletter every week. 

Developer Update

In this week's developer update, Executive Producer Mike Brookes teased next week's Powerplay announcement with more news on some of the extra features you'll find in our third content update.

We've already talked about the new drones for scooping cargo and sharing fuel, but this week Mike went into some of the other new advantages for miners. The hardhat and pickaxe players out there have had to work hard for their credits in the past, so for Powerplay we're making your lives a little more interesting.

The new Prospector Drone can be fired to do your scanning for you; it'll investigate an asteroid and return data on its metal and mineral composition. Combine them with a big ship and a stack of Collection Drones, and you'll tear through asteroid belts at speed.

After Powerplay launches, mining will become a more viable route to riches, espcially with two new minerals – painite and osmium – and more minerals per extraction site. But we think mining should be a game of risk and reward, so you'll find high and low intensity extraction sites in human-occupied space, but with pirates swarming the high intensity areas you'll face greater danger... and greater rewards.

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