PAX East Ambassador Blog

Jay "Rezri" Anthony joined us as an ambassador at PAX. This is a brief account of his time at the show.

First, please let me express the enormous gratitude that I, the rest of the Ambassadors, and the epic team of Frontier staff have for each and every person that was incredibly kind enough to stop by the Elite Dangerous booth at PAX East. 

To those that chose to simply observe, and to the huge crowd of folks that chose to wait in line to try out the game: Thank you. Endless thank-yous. Even after driving back home last night, and still recovering this morning, I find myself overwhelmed at the enthusiasm, excitement, and kindness that all of you exhibited. It was a genuine pleasure meeting each and every one of you. 

I can't thank Frontier enough for the experience that was this entire weekend. These folks at Frontier really are some of the classiest, kindest people I've had the great pleasure of meeting and working with, and these folks work HARD! Long hours, little to no sleep, yet they still keep charging forward. Big salute to the folks at Frontier, and all those I got to meet Thursday through Sunday. o7

Without further ado, here's an attempt to share just a few photos from this weekend. I'm no photographer, so pardon the amateur pics from my phone. I'll have to post them as links, as the photos are too large for the forum image size limits.

Thursday afternoon: After meeting the other Ambassadors and some of the Frontier team at the hotel, we head over to the Convention center to assist with setting up the booth. Upon entering the expo hall itself, this is the sight I'm greeted with. A gigantic venue, and a well-oiled machine of exhibitors and their teams setting up their booths for the convention.

A quick snap of one of the corner risers with Elite logo blazing.

Thursday night: (left to right) Jessie from Frontier, Ambassador Ryan, and our Community Manager Ed Lewis. We have a late dinner out on Thursday night after we finish setting up the booth. 

There were many laughs.

Friday Morning: It's early. I've donned the uniform. Ready to go!

Friday Morning: At the venue, before doors opened to public. Excitement is in the air, game is ready to show!

Friday Morning: Doors opened. Folks swarm to the booth. Players take their seats! Ambassador Dr Wookie points out he's ready for another player!

Friday: The queue grows and grows! Players check out the game on the Rift, Ambassador Ryan gives a walkthrough on how to fly.

Friday: The crowd at the booth becomes truly massive. People are laughing, having fun, and the enthusiasm grows and grows.

After wrapping up the day on Friday, I return to the hotel and take off my wings. Gotta race out and grab some food while we have the chance!

Saturday Morning: In true #LegitBiz fashion from my twitch steam, I start out the day at breakfast with a rather epic waffle.

Saturday Morning, immediately after doors open: Crowd begins immediately. In the foreground, we have a real pilot stop by and take a crack at the game. This gentleman was a true ace and punched through both the basic and the advanced combat demos we had brought with us. 

Saturday afternoon: Twitch stops by to experience Elite Dangerous on the Rift! 

Thanks again to Frontier and all the attendees. This was so much fun, and I'll never forget the experience.

Rezri can be seen live streaming on Twitch.