Tristan Williams

Tristan Williams
Anderson DeGrear
Ambassador duties: Newegg We Own the Night/E3 2015

- What’s your earliest memory/experience with the Elite franchise?

I remember watching footage of a dog fight from the Alpha build and being completely blown away by it. Unfortunately I had not had a chance to play any of the previous titles in the Elite franchise so what I was seeing was completely new to me. At first I couldn’t even believe it was footage of a video game as no game has captured the look and feel of space travel and combat like Elite Dangerous has. After that video I was sold and completely hooked.

- What ship set-up do you go with when playing Elite Dangerous?

My primary ship is an Imperial Clipper fully loaded for combat. It may be expensive but nothing looks quite like it and it packs the punch I need to be successful in both PvP and everything else. When I’m not flying the Clipper I can usually be found in my ASP exploring deep space.

– What in-game faction, if any, do you align with?


– What’s your preferred method of play in Elite Dangerous?

I love to represent the Empire so my primary role in the game is as a combat pilot for our glorious emperor. I normally travel the galaxy following key figures in the Empire as they expand, conquer, and otherwise spread their dominance throughout. When I’m not doing that I usually jump in my ASP and explore.

– Do you have a favourite moment from Elite Dangerous so far? If so, tell us about it.

It’s difficult for me to choose a single moment from the countless amazing ones that I’ve experienced while playing so far. If I had to choose I would actually have to say that my favorite moment and the one that has had the greatest impact on me was the one when I created the Elite Dangerous community that I run; TEST: Mostly Harmless. Over one thousand Elite Dangerous commanders have joined us to experience this game together and it’s the greatest feeling for me when I can chat with them and hear how much they’re all enjoying playing the game and flying with each other. Every moment when I’m flying in a group with them no matter what we’re doing in the game is the greatest moment for me.

– Why did you apply to become an ambassador?

I applied because I saw an opportunity to show my appreciation to Frontier and to share with others and represent a game that I am truly passionate about.

 – What were your ambassador experience/s like? Any highlights?

The most amazing thing for me about being an ambassador for Elite Dangerous is by far the joy of showing the game to someone who has never heard of it before. I used to be one of those people and it was fantastic to see each of their reactions after watching the trailers and then getting hands on play with the game right then and there.

I loved explaining key details of the game to them while they were playing, particularly about the scope of the galaxy. Our event was outdoors which proved to be great for showing off the game as I could look up into the night sky and point to a star at random and say “see that star there? You can go to that one in this game…and that one…and that one…and that one.” Seeing their jaws drop following that was priceless.


Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the experience of speaking on stage during the Elite Dangerous Premiere live stream as an ambassador. To be at an event where everyone around me is just as passionate about the game as I am was an amazing experience and one I’ll always remember.