Ryan Aitken

Ryan Aitken
CMDR Name: Cmdr Surreth
Ambassador duties: EGX 2014

- What’s your earliest memory/experience with the Elite franchise?

My favourite moment would have to be back in Premium Beta when I was at my father’s having a shot for the first time. We were cruising around Styx I think around one of the Red rocky bodies. And we came across an NPC Hauler. We both thought to have a closer look so we throttled up and took a peek. While we were behind the Hauler we used the look mode to have a look around. Imagining what it would be like after release and how it’s going to be when everyone else starts playing. I then reset the look mode and was behind the hauler ever so closely seeing the back of the engine glow. And at the time we never knew what it was doing so how could we have known it was charging its FSD!

Then suddenly it just went Boom! It jumped away right in front of our eyes, not expecting anything like it. With the sound pretty loud it gave us one hell of a shock but also it gave us a nice heart warming experience. I got goose bumps at the time but the most special moment within all that was the reaction we both had. We both turned to look at each other pretty slowly because of the shock, and we just went "wow" at the same time. To this day I thought I’d never get an experience like that with my father within a game and the fact it’s a franchise my father used to play when he was younger made it even more special.

- What ship set-up do you go with when playing Elite Dangerous?

I tend to make sure I have a balance between Cargo, Weapons and Fuel etc. I don’t tend to upgrade my default lasers as I can do a pretty good job with them just now. But when I find myself in a sticky situation I would upgrade. I like to make sure I’m spoiled for choice

– What in-game faction, if any, do you align with?

I think I would have to go with the Alliance just purely because I haven't been convinced enough to go with the Feds or the Empire just yet. Then again, I could always work for both – How do you like to play Elite Dangerous?

– Why did you apply to become an ambassador?

I applied to become an Ambassador because I knew this game was for me. My childhood growing up I always thought of a game where you could be whatever you wanted to be, and explorer wherever you wanted to go so I knew I had the feeling that we have a great team behind this game to make that happen. I played the Standard Beta more than I have played any other game I have ever had because I was so engrossed in Elite that I just kept coming back for more. I also had my eye on the Anaconda because once I saw that monster, my goal was set. And I managed to fulfil that goal!

– What was your experience as an ambassador like? (EGX 2014)

Of course! There was EGX, that was my huge highlight from being an Ambassador. It was my first time going to London myself and also going down to meet people I have never met before.  I felt very happy though when travelling down there because I knew I was in good hands. When I was travelling I couldn’t stop smiling because one of my dreams came true, that I was actually promoting a game I love. I guess I was just there at the right time to get this once in a lifetime experience. I hope you guys have another event, in Scotland somewhere! Hint hint.