Reinhard Auer

Reinhard Auer
CMDR Name: Aidan Abacus
Ambassador duties: E3 2014

- What’s your earliest memory/experience with the Elite franchise?

The first Elite on the C64...incredible experience on that tiny machine!

- What ship set-up do you go with when playing Elite Dangerous?

You mean when I finally get some time to earn credits? ;)
Lakon for trading (as big as possible...atm I just earned a T7)

ASP for exploring (had to trade in for the Lakon Type-7)

Cobra as multi-purpose ship (combat/missions)...and because it’s the Cobra ;)

– What in-game faction, if any, do you align with?

I generally tend towards the underdog, but what I'm doing in-game is a secret at the moment.

– What’s your preferred method of play in Elite Dangerous?

Have done a lot of missions for the Federation (to help Kerrash in LFT 133) but undecided yet.

– Do you have a favourite moment from Elite Dangerous so far? If so, tell us about it.

That’s a tough question...probably the moment when I spread the word of the Kerrash-mission to my fellow German-speaking CMDRs and some immediately jumped on this meta-game. The feeling of trying to change the galaxy (ok, we only want a station...for the moment ;)) with fellow CMDRs.

– Why did you apply to become an ambassador?

As one of the early members and moderators of the German-speaking fan-forum ‘’ I really want to help to spread the word about a new Elite...and of course I was intrigued by the chance to meet some of the frontier-family and by the new experience to demo ED to the press people at a big booth.

– What were your ambassador experience/s like? Any highlights?

Oh, a was a wonderful and joyful experience for me! I have posted on the fan-forum and the official forum directly after the Gamescom...official forum: