Marcel Lowrie

Marcel Lowrie
CMDR Name: CMDR CountX
Ambassador duties: PAX South 2015

- What’s your earliest memory/experience with the Elite franchise?

I first started playing Elite just a few short months ago in Beta.

- What ship set-up do you go with when playing Elite Dangerous?

For a long while it was the Cobra, good enough at everything. I got more into combat and it was an easy choice to go with the Viper and use fixies(really fun). My current ship is a C3 Beam/F2 Multi Python.

– What in-game faction, if any, do you align with?


- What’s your preferred method of play?

A little of everything really. In PvP I tend to find myself RPing, don’t know why. It’s just a fun combo. But I’ve been around the block and tried just about every profession. Lately I tend to just get involved in the story-line as much as possible.

- What was your favourite moment from the game so far?

That would have to be my first PvP encounter. At first I didn’t know why the interdiction was so difficult, but I quickly realized it was a player. It was a tough fight and lasted a long time. I finally ran out of shield cells and they blew out my canopy.(my first canopy breach!) Either they also ran out of shield cells at about the same time, or they got lazy thinking they had the fight in the bag..but either way I got them fairly low in hull when I realized I was about to die I just rammed them and we both died.

– Why did you apply to become an ambassador?

At first it was just instinct. “Oh hey this looks fun and I love Elite.” When I got accepted I realized the most fun part would be introducing people to Elite that have never played it.

– What was your experience as an ambassador like? (PAX South 2015)


Well foremost it was fun as hell. Not one person walked away un-impressed, which was awesome. I think a lot of people just went home and bought the game. I know for a fact a few purchased it on the spot using their phones right after trying it. That’s again, just awesome. Seeing all the different types of people, spouses of gamers, gamers from different genre’s who have never played a game like Elite, younger gamers...etc and all the different skills sets. That has to be the highlight. Most people immediately said “oh I’m going to die so fast” after watching people play, and in fact most of them did very well. In fact most were surprised how quickly they got the hang of it. They would start off blundering around with the controls/spinning violently and in a couple minutes they were blasting the AI and whipping around right on the AIs tail. It was awesome to see people progress like that.