Liam Watson

Liam Watson
CMDR Name: CMDR DeGrimmy
Ambassador duties: EGX 2014

- What’s your earliest memory/experience with the Elite franchise?

I didn’t play the original Elite back in 1984 or subsequent games; mostly in part to the fact I wasn’t on the planet at that time! I can’t remember how I first came across Elite Dangerous. I missed the Kickstarter, and I remember I discovered it during the Alpha phase, really early on. It may have been a Eurogamer article, but all I remember was reading about the game and instantly scouring YouTube, finding a certain CMDR Isinona on his adventures in the Alpha. From that point onwards, I knew I had to, at the very least, pre-order! I ended up upgrading to the standard Beta, and never looked back.

- What ship set-up do you go with when playing Elite Dangerous?

Ever since Beta 1, I’ve been flying my beloved Viper, somewhat because I’ve never had enough money to upgrade, but mostly because it feels so good to fly and hunt bounties in! It’s changed a lot since back in Beta, but it’s still my favourite ship to fly. Right now, I’m running 2xC2 Fixed Beam Lasers and 2xC1 Fixed Multi-cannons. I have a kill warrant scanner and chaff launcher, the best shield generator and shield cell bank credits can buy, and, unusually for a combat-kitted Viper, a fuel scoop. Got to save credits somewhere!

– What in-game faction, if any, do you align with?

For the Alliance!

– What’s your preferred method of play in Elite Dangerous?

I’ve dabbled in most roles, but for me, once a bounty hunter, always a bounty hunter! I’m not afraid to do a little mercenary work, and would love to fly as a fighter escort for traders or military. I’m against slavery, and generally against pretty much everything the Imps and the Feds stand for! I don’t role play a character, as such – I just play as myself, flying an awesome spaceship across the galaxy!

– Do you have a favourite moment from Elite Dangerous so far? If so, tell us about it.

My favourite moment was when I first bought my Viper back in Beta 1, kitted it out and then flew it to the Federal distress signal at Eranin to shoot at a few Feds. That moment was when the game just clicked, and from that point onwards, I knew what I wanted to do in game. The other moment was when I first loaded Beta 2, and just how much there was that was different to Beta 1. It was like a brand new game!

– Why did you apply to become an ambassador?

I saw that fateful newsletter section asking for EGX ambassadors and just decided it was worth a try! I had been raving about the game to my friends and family, and I really wanted to share that enthusiasm with others. I’d also been to EGX every year for 3 years prior to 2014, and I’ve always wanted to help out there.

– What were your ambassador experience/s like? Any highlights?


The days were long and tough on my feet, but worth every moment! The feedback I got from people about the game was fantastic, and I felt I really could flaunt my enthusiasm for the game. Apart from having a great time demonstrating the game, the post-day drinks were very fun! Being part of a group of people equally as enthusiastic about the game (and also incredibly friendly) was one of the best things. Not only the other ambassadors, but also the Frontier staff are incredible, awesome people!