Dev Update (28/05/2015)

Hi everyone,

The Powerplay beta was released this week on both PC and Mac and it’s great to see people playing it and providing feedback. This update has a huge number of changes and the feedback has been rolling in and a big thanks to everyone who have submitted comments and issues. Obviously the star of the show is Powerplay and it’s a big beast so keep playing it and letting us know what you encounter. I’m sure many of you will join me in helping Archon Delaine’s rampage across human space!

Another big change is the mission system, so much is new that any incomplete missions you have in progress at the time of the update will be removed from your mission list when the update goes live to the public. You will not be penalised for not completing them, but also won’t be rewarded, so complete them before then if they matter to you. This is expected to be next week, but will depend on what feedback comes in and what changes need to be made. Once the date is firm we’ll let you know.

We had intended to update the game to support the latest Oculus SDK release, as part of our ongoing support for virtual reality. However this latest SDK breaks the game. We’re working with Oculus to try and resolve this and will let you know when there is news on that. In the meantime we will continue to support the previous SDK release and will be including some specific fixes during the beta, for example making sure that the Powerplay map renders correctly to both eyes.

The implementation of the 90% money back/10% charge for selling back used modules and weapons has proved to be a popular discussion! It was always the intention that you shouldn't be able to swap parts of your ship for free and the way most of us here play the game is to own several ships for differing roles – I tend not to sell any of my ships and spec them out for different roles. It is clear that some of you take a different approach to how you set up your ships and that is exactly what a beta is for – to gain feedback on changes. So we’ll take the comments onboard from all sides of the discussion and make a call on this before the end of beta. After all this sort of thing is what beta is for. 

There is one last new feature to be added before the beta is finished and that is the updated Newsfeeds. The GalNet news in Station Services will supply local news items only, but the new cockpit user interface is being added so that global news items can be accessed at any time, anywhere. These news items can now even include links to take you to the relevant system for the news item.