The Engineers (2.1) Release Date and Price Drop


We’re very pleased to announce that The Engineers 2.1 update will be available on Thursday May 26th for all those who own the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season of expansions.

The Engineers 2.1 update brings headline features such as Loot and Crafting and mission updates, as well as hundreds of other improvements, tweaks and fixes for Elite Dangerous.

This update benefits every Commander in the Elite Dangerous galaxy, with 1.6 arriving at the same time for anyone who owns the base game.


Elite Dangerous: Horizons Price Drop

You can pick up Elite Dangerous: Horizons now for the lowest price ever, at only £19.99, €24.99, $29.99 or RUB 1489. 

We’re also introducing the Commander Deluxe Edition to the Frontier store for only £39.99, $59.99, €49.99 or RUB 2999. The Commander Deluxe Edition includes Elite Dangerous, Elite Dangerous: Horizons and the Commander Pack, which consists of three paint job packs to use on your ships in-game: the Vibrant Sidewinder paint job pack, the Cobra MKIII Military paint job pack and the Viper Impressions paint job pack. This is a total of 18 paint jobs to start blazing your own trail in style.

You can pick up the Commander Pack separately on the Frontier store, for only £13, $20, €16 or RUB 975.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons gives you access to all of the current expansions in Elite Dangerous: Horizons, as well as all future content for Horizons as it becomes available for download. 

Planetary Landings is out now, allowing you to touch down on planet surfaces, explore beautiful and vast landscapes in your surface recon vehicle and assault enemy fortifications. The Engineers (coming May 26th) opens up a dense loot and crafting mechanic, allowing you to create unique and powerful modules for your ship, and add experimental effects to your weapons. 

More content will be coming for the Horizons season of expansion, including multi-crew gameplay, avatar creation, ship-launched fighters and more unannounced game-changing features.


Xbox One announcement

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