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The Pilots Federation Supports Fuel Rat Initiative

24 JUN 3301

The Pilots Federation Supports Fuel Rat Initiative

Each year, thousands of pilots go missing in the black.

Some are waylaid by pirates. Others are lost to the dangers of space. However, an estimated 63% of all deep space losses are attributed to pilots who simply run out of fuel in an area where others rarely tread.

Now a new initiative, which is being backed by the Pilots Federation, is hoping to turn those figures around. A group of independent pilots, calling themselves the Fuel Rats, have begun patrolling the outer fringes of civilisation. Their mission? To provide assistance to traders and explorers before their life support runs out.

Commander Murishani of the Fuel Rats issued the following public service announcement regarding what to do in case of a fuel shortage:

1) Do not panic. Panicking costs fuel and air. You are running out of both!

2) Remain with your ship. Exit supercruise. Throttle to 0. Disable nonessential modules.

3) Call for help from the Fuel Rats immediately. Time is precious.

4) Reduce activity and food consumption. Preserve oxygen. Wait for help.

A full list of active members of the Fuel Rats is available from the Pilots Federation upon request.